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Kato Manufacture Works Co., Ltd.

In 1947, Kato Manufacture Works was established in Kiyosu, Aichi-ken and mainly engaged in the casting of copper alloy. For more than 60 years since its founding, it has been studying the casting technology. As a manufacturer specialized in raw materials including valves, joints and turncocks for water pipes, we provide all kinds of products for large manufacturers of water pipe fittings and water supply peripherals. We develop the world’s first lead-free bronze alloy“decompressing & refrigerating casting system” to solve the lead-free and lightweight problem in the casting industry and push forward the development of the manufacturing industry toward environmental protection.

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Message to the World

We hope to provide the environment-friendly water conservation technology to perfect the water facilities around the world

In the process of globalization, Kato Manufacture Works sets up a plant in Dalian, China in 1991 to move our production center to Dalian. In the future, we will actively assist the development of emerging countries starting from China and help them solve environmental problems. Moreover, we will develop the lead-free water pipe fittings with the low cost and the function of water conservation, in order to further expand our overseas markets.

Provide the global quality of raw materials for water pipes

As a manufacturer of valves, joints, turncocks and other raw materials for water pipes, our corporation provides all kinds of products for large manufacturers of water pipe fittings and water supply peripherals. These products do not merely have good precision and durability, but also meet the requirements in the domestic water quality standards and the RoHS of EU. They are energy-conserving and environment-friendly, and universal around the world.

Water pipe fittings

Dalian plant in China is taken as the production base

The mass production base has been moved to “Dalian Kaichen Valve Co., Ltd.” located in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone in China ever since 1991. In 1995, the plant became the first one obtaining the JIS mark certification in China, so it is very outstanding in quality and quantity. We realize high quality, low cost and short delivery time.

Plant in China

Provide the water-conserving technology for all other countries worrying about shortage of water resource

In the future, we plan to establish the one-stop production system integrating design, die manufacturing, casting, processing and assembly in the plant in China. Especially starting from China, we will strongly recommend our products developed with water-conserving technology to all countries worrying about shortage of water resource.

Inside the plant in China