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Kato Manufacture Works Co., Ltd.

In 1947, Kato Manufacture Works was established in Kiyosu, Aichi-ken and mainly engaged in the casting of copper alloy. For more than 60 years since its founding, it has been studying the casting technology. As a manufacturer specialized in raw materials including valves, joints and turncocks for water pipes, we provide all kinds of products for large manufacturers of water pipe fittings and water supply peripherals. We develop the world’s first lead-free bronze alloy“decompressing & refrigerating casting system” to solve the lead-free and lightweight problem in the casting industry and push forward the development of the manufacturing industry toward environmental protection.

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Corporation Information

Corporate Message

In order to simultaneously realize the rapid economic development in emerging countries and the protection of global environment, some changes must be also made to the manufacturing industry on the basis of resource saving and environmental protection. Kato Manufacture Works mainly produces the water pipe valves made of bronze, researches and develops the unique “decompressing & refrigerating casting system” in the world. Our corporation actively pushes forward the transformation of the industry to employing lead-free materials and dedicates ourselves to becoming an advanced enterprise contributing to mankind and the earth. In order to prevent from the future shortage of water resource in the world, our corporation will keep on developing the water-conserving water pipe fittings and supply them to all the countries around the world.

Corporate Profile

Headquarter Kato Manufacture Works Co., Ltd.(
Date of Founding January 1947 (Showa 22)
Registered Capital 65 million Yen
Representative President KATO TAKEHITO
TEL 052-400-7231
Domestic Branch Gifu Plant
Foreign Branch  
Associated Company Dalian Kaichen Valve Co., Ltd
Scope of Business Production of bronze alloy joints and valves for water pipes
Certification ■ISO9001, EA21
Headquarter PlantGifu Plant

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