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Kato Manufacture Works Co., Ltd.

In 1947, Kato Manufacture Works was established in Kiyosu, Aichi-ken and mainly engaged in the casting of copper alloy. For more than 60 years since its founding, it has been studying the casting technology. As a manufacturer specialized in raw materials including valves, joints and turncocks for water pipes, we provide all kinds of products for large manufacturers of water pipe fittings and water supply peripherals. We develop the world’s first lead-free bronze alloy“decompressing & refrigerating casting system” to solve the lead-free and lightweight problem in the casting industry and push forward the development of the manufacturing industry toward environmental protection.

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Our Strengths

An expert of raw materials for water pipes to realize the lead-free

For more than 60 years since its founding, Kato Manufacture Works, as a manufacturer specialized in raw materials of water pipes, has been assiduously accumulating technologies and knowledge. We mainly produce the bronze valves for water pipes, but our largest strength is the “decompressing & refrigerating casting system” developed to realize the lead-free and lightweight products. Moreover, our uninterrupted one-stop production system with the design and assembly completed by ourselves is also highly praised.

The world’s first “decompressing & refrigerating casting system” employing lead-free bronze alloy

In order to solve the problems of being “lead-free” and saving energy and resource in the casting industry, our corporation takes lead in developing the first “decompressing & refrigerating casting system” employing lead-free bronze alloy in the world. This is an epoch-making system. It injects the metal melted at the temperature of 1200℃ into the die for refrigeration at the temperature of -40℃, so as to realize the thin-walled and lightweight castings and prevent noise, dust and other pollutions. Moreover, it is expected to realize no industrial waste to be discharged.

Decompressing & refrigerating casting system

Adopt the one-stop production system to produce bronze alloy castings

Our corporation completes all the processes covering design, die manufacturing, casting, processing and assembly, and such an uninterrupted one-stop production system is one of our strengths. It depends on a complete global network composed by three bases including Kiyosu headquarter in charge of development, Dalian plant in charge of production and Gifu plant in charge of logistics.

One-stop production system

We do not merely provide the products for water pipes, but also research and develop new products to satisfy customer’s demands

We, as an enterprise with a long history and the rich casting technology, have also carried out new researches. Oda Nobunaga and Kiyosu Castle are the objects of local PR in Kiyosu. In casting these objects, our technologies are truly demonstrated. Our artworks manually made by skillful craftsmen get much attention. Moreover, we also make beautiful bronze vases and other self-created castings. We plan to further improve our technical forces in the future, while extensively satisfying customer’s demands.

Handmade artworks by skillful craftsmen