To the lead-free age for bronze castings
With knowledge and technology, we are fulfilling our mission and responsibility as a raw material and formed parts manufacturer.

KATO SEISAKUSYO CO.,LTD. was established in 1947 as a copper alloy casting company. Since then, we have followed the path to a raw material and formed parts manufacturer. Based on our mission of supporting the water pipes that are the foundation of modern living, we have ceaselessly strived to accumulate technology and know-how and have achieved success through our products. As the manufacturing environment has changed, we have created a new organization, including constructing an overseas network, and have met the needs of society and of industry. Currently, the casting industry faces the major issue of making our products lead-free and powerful demands are being made on manufacturing for energy conservation and resource conservation. Together with quality and cost, we have placed an emphasis on this environmental quality improvement in our technology development and are both contributing to the success of our customers and fulfilling our mission and responsibility as a company with roots in the region.


    • 2018年5月1日 : ホームページを更新しました。


We have received authorization to use the “Aichi Quality” brand.

We are also listed in Aichi Prefecture’s “Aichi Manufacturing Company Digital Catalog 50”.

*This project has now ended.


We have made a self-declaration of security measures.